Admissions Info

We understand that selecting a school for your child is a big decision. Our admission team is there to help with any questions that you may have.

At SOAR, we treat every student as an individual. This also applies to class placement, with our Schools taking into account a number of factors to determine the most appropriate class level. Date of birth is a factor, but we also consider previous school history, demonstrated levels of academic ability or identified learning needs and language proficiency.

If you have any questions about the most appropriate class level for your child, School Principals will be delighted to discuss with you either prior to or after a request for admission. The ultimate decision of year level rests with our School Principals, and is based on providing the optimal conditions for students to succeed academically and socially.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or +92 304 0284426 if you require any further information or if you wish to visit any of our campuses.

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Admissions process

An application packet will be provided to you during your visit to our campus.  The earlier your application is submitted, the higher your chances will be of obtaining a placement. New students can join the school throughout the school year, subject to availability of seats.

1. Required documents

In order to enable us to process an application and for the Principals to make the applicant’s assessment please include the following:

  • Recent passport size photo

  • Proof of date of birth (photocopy) for applicants

  • Copies of the end of year school reports for the last year

  • Copy of the current year school reports (if applicable)


2. Admission criteria

All applications are considered individually, taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Placement in present school

  • Languages spoken

  • Final goals of the applicant

  • Level of maturity and age


3. Toilet training

Children must be toilet trained before they start school. Age exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis. The Principals may ask for further information or to see the applicant.

4. Offer of placement

Placement will be offered by the Admission Office via a telephone or email.
Admission will be confirmed on payment of all school dues.