Early Years Programme

Ages 2.8 - 5.5 years

SOAR Early Years programme is designed to stimulate imagination, creativity and self-discovery in our learners. The warm and nurturing learning environment at SOAR supports our inquiry and play-based approach, ensuring our children develop the knowledge and skills needed for their future academic success. Inquiry and play-based learning at SOAR does not mean a chaotic approach to learning or a lack of guidance by teachers. Instead, it is a balance between a classroom rich in child-initiated play and focused learning guided by our teachers.  In all child-initiated play activities, our teachers are actively present. They monitor, engage, and where needed, guide the children’s play, answering their questions, building on their ideas and introducing new content and concepts as appropriate. Classrooms are organised in a purposeful manner that leads to the exploration of concepts (ideas) that they want the children to explore. While we recognise that young children develop on a continuum, high expectations for learning are still in place within our inquiry and play-based classrooms.