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Robofest 2.0

Robofest 2.0: Showcasing Excellence in Robotics

SOAR STEM School proudly hosted Robofest 2.0 at our state-of-the-art EME Campus. This annual event is intra-school and underscored our commitment to leading in STEM education, showcasing the talents and innovations of our students in the realm of robotics. All campuses battle against each other in the showdown of their talent. Pupils from grades 4 to 8 demonstrate their skills in a series of challenges designed to push the boundaries of technology and teamwork.


Highlights from Robofest 2.0:

Day 1: RoboWars

  • Overall Winner: The WAPDA Town Senior Campus emerged victorious with a robot that demonstrated exceptional design and agility.

  • Best Design Trophy: Awarded to Fatima Asif and Muhammad Miqdaad Khan from the EME Campus for their innovative and functional robot design.

  • Speedster Trophy: Captured by Minhal Javed, Abdul Rafay, and Muhammad Bin Zain from the Ring Road Campus, who impressed with their robot’s swift maneuvers.

Day 2: Engineering Challenges

  • Micro:bit Challenge for Grade 4: Won by Mishal Jaffery from EME Campus, with notable projects also by Haider Ali from RR Campus and Habiba Kashif from MT Campus.

  • Speed Wiring Competition for Grade 5: Arish Taimoor from MT Campus took top honors, with Shah Hussain Pirzada from WTS Campus and Dawood Ahsan from EME Campus also excelling.

  • Arduino Projects for Grade 6: The 'Smart Dustbin' project by the RR Campus team led the competition, followed by 'Smart Stick for Partially Impaired' from EME Campus and 'Smart Home Rain Detection System' from WTS Campus.

Educational Impact: Robofest 2.0 is more than just a competition; it serves as a vital educational tool that encourages practical application of classroom learning, development of essential soft skills, and fostering innovation. This event not only challenges our students to think critically and solve problems creatively but also prepares them for future technological advancements.

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