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Digital Literacy at SOAR

School Houses

The House System at SOAR STEM Schools aims to provide a well-rounded educational experience, where students can thrive academically and express themselves creatively.

The House System comprises four houses.









Al-Jazari House - Engineering and Innovation

Values and Traits:

Innovation in engineering, creativity, problem-solving, and dedication to technological advancement.






Al-Farabi House - Arts and Aesthetics

 "Harmony in Expression, Beauty in Creation"

Values and Traits:

 Embracing the arts, music, philosophy, and aesthetics, fostering creativity and artistic expression.

Ibn al-Haytham House - Science and Visual Perception

"Visionary Explorations, Illuminating Perspectives"

Values and Traits:

Advancements in optics, scientific inquiry, visual arts, and the intersection of science and perception


 Al-Khwarizmi House - Mathematics and Innovation

"Equations of Progress, Innovations of Tomorrow"

Values and Traits:

Mathematical excellence, problem-solving, innovation, and a commitment to advancing numerical sciences.

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